The small dimensions of  HYPERION EVO  200 -   250- 300 Kva are amazing, even if an inverter output transformer is included to ensure the galvanic separation between continuous and alternate lines. This feature makes handling easy with a consequent reduction of footprint space and installation costs. The IGBT high frequency rectifier has optimised switching, which results in a sine wave input independently of the available input waveform. The input power factor, that is close to unity, makes the Hyperion the ideal solution to operate with gen-sets, allowing a down sizing compared to past systems. HYPERION EVO has a new cooling system that allows the UPS to be placed against the wall. This feature, plus easy access to all the internal components, enables fast maintenance as it only allows access from  the front.

The high efficiency ( >94%) allows energy savings from the first day of use: installing or exchanging an old-generati on UPS with a technolog ically advanced UPS such as Hyperion EVO allows immediate savings in terms of kWh cooling ratings and, given the high power involved, the cost of air conditioning  the room where the UPS is installed .



Nomi nal output powe r (0.8 PF) - kVA 200 250 300
Nominal input voltage - Vac 400 ( -20%/ + 15% ) ; 380/415 settabile
Nominal input current - A 250 310 375
Input power factor >0.99
Input  harmonics distortion (THDI) <3%
Nominal output voltage  - Vac 380, 400, 415 ( ±1%)

Efficiency (AC+AC) - % eco mode

up to 99
Efficiency (AC+AC) • % up to 94
UPS ambien t tempera tur e - C° 0 - 40
Audible noise level (acc. En50091) - dB <62
Battery test Automati c every month / manual
Rectifier bridge IGBT
Inverter bridge IGBT (with isolation transforme r )
Overload capability 125% for 10', 150% for 1', 200% for 100 ms
Output harmonic distortion (THDV) <1%
Crest factor 3:1
DimensionsWxDxH • mm 1220 X 895 X 1905
Walk-in Adjustable from S" to 30"
Hold-off Adjustable  from 1" to 300"



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